Oppressing, discriminating, or criticizing someone because they are:

male is no different than if they were female
white/Caucasian is no different if they were a PoC
heterosexual is no different than if they were homosexual (or any sexuality) 
cis is no different than if they were trans

It’s still oppression. It’s still discrimination. It’s still criticism.

The most racist and sexist people I have met are the proclaimed social justice warriors on this site. You are not fighting for social justice, you are simply widening the gap which separates people based on social matters. 

Dragon Age Inquisition comes out in a month, my birthday is in a month…


Wow, I have not posted much in awhile.

So what have I been doing?

School. I’ve been studying my ass off and barely pulled a 3.8 GPA this quarter, trying to get it up to 4.0 for the semester. 

Work. Yep, I am now a clerk at the DMV- but I’m not even going to complain because it’s an awesome job with awesome people and awesome money. 

And finally…besides other stupid hobbies: dragon age! I finished the main book series and am continuing to replay Awakening and II in preparation for Inquisition. Woo!

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I love Cole’s tarot card because he just seems so pissed


Like what is making you angry dude ? Is it about the lobster ???


"Fuckin fuck lobsters full of shit I hate all of them"


" Reach down into your heart and you’ll find many reasons to fight. Survival, honor, glory. But what about those who feel its their duty to protect the innocent? There you’ll find a warrior savage enough to match any dragon, and in the end, they’ll attain what the others won’t. Their humanity. "